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Other Products


We offer a bespoke design services and can solve most laboratory problems.
Other products we make include; Petri dish holders, slicers, blood bag holders, cutting boards, box racks and many more.
  • Stacking holders  – For Petri dish, Microtitre plate and other contact plates – vertical support columns and a stout base with stainless steel cross bracing, size, height and number of stacks variable to suit requirements
  • Slicer – A newly developed tool for use in Histology labs to enable to staff to accurately and safely cut various thicknesses of tissue
  • Blood Bag Holders – Designed to hold units of blood at the bench during crossmatching and for storage.  Up to four section racks available
  • Cutting Boards – Dissecting Boards available in any size and colour, with drainage channels if required
  • Box racks – Racks made to the specific internal size of transport and storage boxes
  • Sickle cell anaemia testing racks
  • Slot racks – Slots in racks to hold patient record forms, Gel card slots, etc
  • Crossmatch racks
  • Laboratory lecterns

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