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Environmental Policy

We at Springlab Limited are very aware that manufacturing has an impact on the environment and that we should act to reduce this impact by conducting our business in a responsible, considerate and thoughtful manner.  Our products are manufactured to last for many years and we offer a 10 year guarantee, we passionately believe in sustainability through longevity.  Plastic should not be a environmentally damaging product as long as it doesn’t quickly re-enter the bio system and the waste material from manufacture is disposed of with respect to the environment.

 For many years we have:-

  • monitored our material use and continually assess our impact on the environment
  • purchased as much of our packaging as possible from recycled material
  • separated all of our waste material and sent it for recycling.

 We are committed to:-

  • reduce our impact on the environment
  • reduce the waste we generate
  • recycle unavoidable waste wherever possible
  • use materials that are recycled, recyclable or biodegradable whenever possible
  • reduce our carbon emissions
  • ensure our employees are aware of their use of energy that impacts the environment
  • meet all necessary current UK legislative requirements and regulations

Recycling our products:-

We are all trying to do our bit for the environment by recycling as much of our waste as possible but how do you go about recycling our products?

Many of our products are made up of a combination of  metal and plastic components that are not easily broken  down resulting in many products ending up in landfill.

To tackle this problem head-on we offer a ‘Return to Manufacturer’ service for any products purchased from us.
If you do your bit and return the goods, we will break them down into their component materials and recycle accordingly.

  • All plastics will be separated and returned to mill for regranulation
  • All metal fittings will be sent for scrap metal recycling
  • All cardboard, solid board and papers will be added to our recycling collection

We use local recycling collection services and specialist waste collections where needed, for recycling PVC or Polypropylene for example.  Much of our waste goes to the local heat and power generation plant.

We are continually seeking new products and solutions that tackle environmental issues and give our customers additional options.

Give us a call to discuss your environmental options.