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Ordering & Catalogue


To order from us please:-

  • Call us on – 01246 455 399

  • Email us at –

  • Fill in the Request Quote/Re-order Form at the bottom of this page

For ordering simplicity, request a Springlab catalogue.  The catalogue contains everything you need to know – what’s available, how to order and delivery.   Just complete your details in the Download Catalogue Form at the bottom of this page to download a copy.

We can also send you the indispensable “Springlab Tube Measuring Gauge”.  This takes the guesswork out of specifying the hole diameter in your racks.  Let us know if you need one of these and we will post it out to you.

To order a laboratory rack, you need to know four things:-
1. Diameter of the test tube
2. Number of rows required
3. Type of rack – see catalogue
4. Number of holes per row
Then simply combine these to make up your order e.g.

White is the standard colour.  Please specify if you wish to order coloured racks.

We would always recommend contacting us about your specific requirements and downloading our measuring catalogue.

Request a Catalogue

Download catalogue
Request quote/reorder

Our Measuring Catalogue, describes our more standard products. Everything we make is bespoke and quoted to specific requirements and quantity. You can use the Measuring Catalogue to order from. However, for all our products, we recommend you get in touch through our website or email us or why not give us a call.

Please fill in your details below to access the downloadable version of the Measuring Catalogue.

If you have the exact specification and sizes of your required products, please enter Springlab product codes and any detail, such as colour, lettering, etc, in the enquiry box below and we will respond with a quote