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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I order a Springlab product based on my storage type and requirements?

You can use our sizing catalogue to order more standard items or for any of our products get in touch through our website, email us or give us a call.

We just need an idea or (even better a sample) of your storage medium, test tube, etc and how you want to use the storage and if known how much space you have to store the items. Our helpful experts will take it from there and involve you in the quick design and quotation process. After that we need a formal PO and we will immediately put the order through for manufacture.

Are your products made to order, standard or bespoke?

All our products are made to order in our factory in Chesterfield, UK. Although we do carry a small amount of stock of some of the more common products. Our measuring catalogue list the more standard products as a guidance, but everything we make is bespoke and quoted to specific requirements and quantity.

What size, height and hole sizes can my racks have?

As our products are bespoke, we can make racks with one hole, up to a rack 2m square. Hole sizes can be between 5mm and 60mm and a rack can have any combination of hole sizes and slots.  Racks can be between 22mm and 67mm high (not including base thickness). We can also make racks to stack and many other variations. If you have a requirement outside these parameters, please get in touch as we will always do our best to solve your storage problem.

As a starting point, it would be worth visiting our “Ordering and Catalogue” web page.

What colours can my racks be made from?

We can supply brown, blue, yellow, red, white and black. White is our standard colour and we charge a slight premium for other colours as the raw material is more expensive.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes all our products come with a 10-year guarantee for defects in the product, assembly and material. Normal wear and tear and usage outside our recommendations for each product will not be covered.

Can I Autoclave the racks?

We don’t recommend autoclaving our racks. We can make racks from an alternative material if the product needs to be autoclaved. Please get in touch if this is a specific requirement.

Can the racks withstand freezing temperatures?

Yes the racks can withstand low temperatures for freezing.

How should I care for my racks?

Chemicals can affect the strength, rigidity, appearance, size and the weight of the plastic used in our racks. The affects are dependent on length of exposure, temperature and concentration. Certain chemicals such as detergents, lubricants, oils and surface additives can lead to cracking and pro-longed exposure to strong oxidising agents may lead to the material becoming brittle.
Generally, your racks can be cleaned using laboratory detergent and rinsed with distilled water. Avoid using a scourer or abrasive cleaners that will scratch the plastic.

Never place your racks in direct contact with a naked flame or directly onto a hotplate surface or other heat source.

Particular care should be taken to avoid the use of strong alkali cleaners, in the case of stains, oils, greases or other agents that cannot be removed by conventional washing, we recommend the following with care: –
Soaking in chromatic acid solution will loosen organic particles
Use a very mild bleach solution
Acetone will help remove oil and organic stains, avoid prolonged exposure
Finish with a laboratory detergent and rinse

Please contact our technical team if you are unsure how to clean any of our products and remember if treated properly, they will last a life time and are guaranteed for ten years

What material are the racks manufactured from?

Our racks are generally manufactured from two materials, the tops and solid racks are made from PE500 High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) and the bases are made from Co-Polymer Polypropylene (PP). Racks can also be made from alternative materials if the products need to be Autoclaved.

General Properties of HMWPE
Operating temperature: -80C to +80C
Autoclavable: No
Gas Sterilisation: Yes
Dry Heat Sterilisation: No
Chemical Disinfection Sterilisation: Yes
Tensile strength at yield: >28 MPa
Hardness: SD64
Specific gravity: 0.96g/cm2
Excellent resistance (no attack) to concentrated acids, alcohols and bases
Good resistance (minor attack) to Aldehydes, Esters, Aliphatic and Aromatic Hydrocarbons and vegetable oils

General Properties of PP
Operating temperature: -80C to +100C
Autoclavable: Yes
Gas Sterilisation: Yes
Dry Heat Sterilisation: No
Chemical Disinfection Sterilisation: Yes
Tensile strength at yield: >33 MPa
Hardness: R72
Specific gravity: 0.92g/cm2
Excellent resistance (no attack) to concentrated acids, alcohols and bases and mineral oils
Good resistance (minor attack) to Aldehydes, Esters, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Ketones and vegetable oils
Limited resistance (moderate attack suitable for short term use only) to Aromatic and Halogenated Hydrocarbons and Oxidizing Agent

For further material details please follow the link below to our “Technical Information Sheets”

Technical Information Sheets


Do you supply products outside the UK?

Yes we supply to many countries throughout Europe and the rest of the world and will always quote carriage separately for clarity. We use world renowned couriers to make sure our products arrive on time and intact.

As well as test tube racks, do you make any other products?

In addition to our standard range of products, we offer a custom design service, to create a bespoke solution to hold any size or shape of tube or bottle. We manufacture slot racks to hold machine cartridges of any make and size. We also make other bespoke products such as lecterns, cutting boards, blood bag holders, petri dish holders and many other custom storage products.

We also manufacture fixed, portable, under and on-bench rack-stacks to provide a strong and robust, safe and efficient means of storing and transporting your storage racks.

What is your returns policy?

Unfortunately returns will not be accepted unless there is a manufacturing problem. We always offer sample product to ensure compliance with the clients brief and request confirmation of acceptance prior to manufacture.

Is the material and manufacturing process sustainable?

We at Springlab Limited are very aware that manufacturing has an impact on the environment and that we should act to reduce this impact by conducting our business in a responsible, considerate and thoughtful manner.  Our products are manufactured to last for many years and we offer a 10 year guarantee, we passionately believe in sustainability through longevity.  Plastic should not be a environmentally damaging product as long as it doesn’t quickly re-enter the bio system and the waste material from manufacture is disposed of with respect to the environment.

For more information please see our Environmental Policy on our website.

Do you give discount dependant on quantity ordered?

Yes we do offer bulk order discount, every quote is prepared on the basis of the bespoke product and then quantity is considered.

Why can’t I find a price list on your website?

We don’t publish a price list, as all our products are bespoke. We are able to quickly quote prices on our products as soon as we have an idea of your requirements. If you contact us we will respond immediately.

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