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You cannot store on the laboratory floor

One of the on-going problems for laboratories is how to avoid storing laboratory equipment on the floor.

Whilst most Cold Rooms have shelving that keeps everything off the floor, there are times when more space is needed and there is no choice but to use the floor.

This is where our unique new range of Laboratory Pallets comes in. They are manufactured in the same high quality, laboratory-standard plastics as our proven test tube racks, and they enable the floor area to be used for storage, whilst keeping the laboratory equipment off the floor.  We can add castors so they can be mobile if required.

Commenting on the new product range our NHS Trust client was delighted: “We’re really pleased with the new products Springlab supplied. Perfect fit, lovely quality and very fit for their intended purpose. Thank you once again for helping with the design and to your production team for their craftsmanship.”

Posted by - Dawn Jones
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